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Long famous as the home of the world's tallest trees, this scenic region is so rugged that explorers continue to look for new "champion" redwoods. Join us in celebrating California's Redwood Coast: a region that offers sparkling beaches, cascading rivers, quiet countryside, historic communities and a forest as old as the dinosaurs.

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 Kayaking Noyo ROCKS!

Mendocino Coast Whitewater

Photo © Jeff Laxier

The Pacific Ocean has worked for millions of years to carve out rock reefs, sea stacks, and sea caves that are an awe-inspiring wonderment to many. For kayakers, they can be a paddling playground. Surfing the swells and waves of the ocean over, through, and around these geological features in the ocean is referred to as rock gardening.

The Noyo Bay in Fort Bragg, California features over 30 different play spots for sea and whitewater kayakers. Angie’s Angst, Brindle’s Bash, The...
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Mendocino Hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean

 The Mendocino Hotel and Garden Suites

The Mendocino Hotel & Garden Suites is the only full service hotel in the heart of the village directly overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Mendocino Headlands, and named “The Best Small Hotel in Northern California” by LA MAGAZINE.

Constructed in 1878 and lovingly restored in 1975, The...
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Backpackers hiking to Punta Gorda Lighthouse.

Photo © Patrick Donnelly

 King Range National Conservation Area ~ Historic Lighthouses

The King Range National Conservation Area is home to two historic lighthouses, Cape Mendocino and Punta Gorda.

Gale force winds, frequent dense fog, shifting treacherous currents, and a rocky headland that juts out to be the western-most point of land along the California coast made Cape...
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