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Long famous as the home of the world's tallest trees, this scenic region is so rugged that explorers continue to look for new "champion" redwoods. Join us in celebrating California's Redwood Coast: a region that offers sparkling beaches, cascading rivers, quiet countryside, historic communities and a forest as old as the dinosaurs.

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 Little River Inn

Main inn house, now reception, bar and dining room.

This is where the Mendocino Coast's history and natural beauty meet. Perched on the Pacific Ocean, Little River Inn has graciously greeted guests for five generations. Surrounded by lush gardens, each room has a spectacular view of the sea. We are Mendocino's only destination resort and we pride ourselves in offering the genuine hospitality only a family can...
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Shoppers at Tomales Bay Foods

 Tomales Bay Foods

Step into Tomales Bay Foods and you will be inundated with fresh and aged artisan cheeses, delectable water crackers, and organic beverages. Tomales Bay Foods is home to the famous artisan cheese producer, Cowgirl Creamery. Cowgirl Creamery makes just a small collection of cheese -- four, soft...
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Making cheese

Photo © Steve Quirt

 Cowgirl Creamery

In 1997, Sue Conley and Peggy Smith opened Cowgirl Creamery in Pt. Reyes Station, a picturesque postage-stamp-of-a-town on the coast about an hour north of San Francisco. They started with an old barn, made it beautiful, put in a small plant for making hand-crafted cheese, bought organic milk...
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