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Long famous as the home of the world's tallest trees, this scenic region is so rugged that explorers continue to look for new "champion" redwoods. Join us in celebrating California's Redwood Coast: a region that offers sparkling beaches, cascading rivers, quiet countryside, historic communities and a forest as old as the dinosaurs.

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 California Coastal National Monument ~ Viewpoint ~ Trinidad Offshore Rocks

Pewetole Island

Photo © Bob Wick

Trinidad Bay spotlights the California Coastal National Monument like nowhere else! Gaze from the cliff at the end of Trinity Street, near the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse in the small City of Trinidad, 14 miles north of Arcata.

The view out to sea crosses Prisoner Rock to the more that 200’ high Pilot Rock. Looking south down the coast to Button Rock and Camel Rock are numerous other monument rocks of various shapes and sizes. To the north across the east side of the Trinidad Head (a...
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Luther Burbank Home & Garden

 Luther Burbank Home & Garden

The Burbank Home is a modified Greek Revival house occupied by Luther Burbank from 1884 to 1906. He had another home built across Tupper Street in 1906, which was removed in the late 1960s for other development. After Burbank's death in 1926, the new occupants made several additions and...
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The Featherbed Railroad features antique (recycled!) railroad cabooses settled among centuries-old bay and redwood trees.

Photo © Julian Jenkins

 Sleep in a Caboose at the Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast

At the Featherbed Railroad, guests sleep in one of our nine luxuriously-furnished (recycled!) caboose suites.

We are located on the north shore of Clear Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in California and possibly the oldest lake in North America, also known as the "Bass Capitol of...
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